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India is known as education hub attracting international students from all over the world. Indian’s diversity and vibrant history tender a broad range of options for students. With access both to such rich and divert as well as a rapidly growing country on the cutting edge of the technological revolution, studying in India has much to offer, whether an applicant interests Engineering, Computers, Philosophy, Politics or in Classics etc.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations with a mandate of administering scholarship programmes of Government of India annually awards about 3940 scholarship under 26 different schemes to foreign students from about 140 counties. Amongst these 23 schemes, six are funded by ICCR from its’ own grant and others are administered on behalf of MEA and Ministry of Ayush. The courses offered for studies are for under-graduation, post-graduation and M. Phil /PhD levels. In every academic year ICCR holds about 6000 + foreign students who are studying at various Central/States University, Institutes, NITs and Agricultural Institutions etc.

In a step forward towards “Digital India” ICCR developed “Admissions to Alumni (A2A Portal)” to streamline and make the scholarship work transparent. Portal was launched on January 17, 2018 by Honorable external affair ministry Smt. Sushma Swaraj. With the introduction of the portal from the academic year 2018-19 onwards, ICCR scholarship programmes are not only digitized for aspiring foreign students but also have become effortless and transparent offering wide choices to the students as such. The portal contains all relevant information regarding ICCR sponsored scholarship schemes and other information like name of the Indian Universities, courses offered by them and guideline of scholarship schemes etc.

In the academic year 2018-19 approximately 2150 new foreign students have been confirmed for admission in various Universities of India

ICCR Scholarship Manual - Academic Year 2020-21

ICCR SCHOLARSHIP Admission2Alumni online portal - The last date for submission of applications is now extended till 30th May, 2021 in view of difficulties due to COVID circumstances.

To apply for ICCR Scholarship please visit Admission 2 Alumni Online Portal.