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            India-Belarus Science and Technology Cooperation


India and Belarus concluded inter-governmental agreement for cooperation in Science & Technology in 1992. Belarus is one of India’s important scientific partners in CIS region besides Russia. The Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy (ARCI), Hyderabad, which was set up with Soviet assistance, had maximum cooperation with Belarus, primarily Belorussian Powder Metallurgy Association, Minsk.


The India-Belarus S&T Cooperation Programme is steered through a Joint Commission on Science & Technology, which had its last (9th) meeting through online mode, on 05 Aug 2020.


India and Belarus are pursuing cooperation through joint research projects and bilateral workshops. Few significant scientific areas identified for bilateral cooperation are: (i) Energy; (ii) Information and Communications Technologies; (iii) Biotechnology, Medicine and Pharmacy; (iv) Agro-technology and Food Security; (v) Clean Technology for Environment and (vi) Materials Sciences & Metallurgy.

Recent developments and Prospects:


The last Joint S&T Committee agreed to launch a Joint Research call for proposals in 2021 with the State Committee of Scientific Research of Belarus and DST.

Following other important Co-operation Mechanisms were also agreed during the last meeting of the Joint Commission on Co-operation in Science & Technology:

(a) Assisting organizations in enhancing opportunities for the exchanges of STI initiatives;

(b) Technology Transfer Intensification for creation of joint enterprises;

(c) Mutual co-operation for commercialization of technologies; and

(d) Assistance to Science Technology Parks on both sides for furthering co-operation.

During last Joint S&T Committee both sides also agreed to intensify the scientific exchanges/info-sharing and interactions.